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With a recognizable urban image, the BloodBrothers reflects the influences of its founders, and among the creators of this project is the shaper Marco aka Taínha.

For Marco, the training discipline has always been part of his life. He spent hours and hours in front of a mirror until get the perfect technique. He started in Karate, where he was champion in the National Juniors and third in the Iberian Competition and Europe Competition. Skateboarder in Setúbal Squares, where he lived as a teenager, he soon realized that the downhill skateboard in Arrábida Hills was the next step, but at one point was the surf that made him sigh. The need to have someone fixing his boards and the ones from his friends, and the Love for Arts gave him the launch pad to become the first Shaper in Portugal to use pigments in the painting of their boards. The curriculum of this ahestetic and new trends artist gained even more lines with the motorcycle and old bikes repainted, which proved to be a success in  two wheels circle of fans.

What Marco learn from Karate-Shotokan brings him humility, respect, calm, and his constant search for perfection led him to “want” to learn more about everything about Surf. When the Sea is “flat” Taínha feel the need to train techniques and maneuvers. And so begins its partnership with longboard skate brands, which designs and produces some of the boards, testing and use in their practice.

Besides Longboard Skateboard, play Frisbee is another sport that he loves.

As a true brotherhood, Bruno Vinagre aka Bob, the other founder of BloodBrothers is a tattoo artist and designer, and he also loves arts and graffiti. Together, they fuse the best of these worlds and one day after meeting Christian Louboutin through a friend, they create a board based on the most iconic shoe design of this French Stylish who deliver in hands in his House, lost somewhere in Alentejo.

In 2014, Rita Nogueira, a Sea and water sports lover, joins these two artists to create an innovative and pioneering concept in the world: a “live shaping room”. The scientific view that Rita adds to the arts created by Taínha helps her designing the “Creative Lab”, na atelier that functions as a workshop for construct surfboards. Tottally handmade, the boards are made under the eyes of all the curious and lovers of this art, which through a glass, can watch all the board development process. As Marco Taínha likes to say: “There is no better feeling than surfing on a board made by our own hands.”

Bloodbrothers, since ever, thank you!




 Marco “Taínha” Santos
 Rita “CuCa” Nogueira
 Bruno “BoB” Vinagre


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